Umbrella Wedding Photos

Jessie & Jeremy – 10/19/2013
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It was a wet and cold fall day, it wasn’t looking like we’d have much oppurtunity to take pictures outside, but the rain stopped just enough for us to get some great shots at Springbank Park. The reception was at the beautiful London Club, here are our favourites from the day.

Melanie & Matt – Wedding – 10.02.2010
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Melanie & Matt where great to work with last weekend! The cold & wet weather didn’t bother them or their wedding party one bit. I would like to make a special thanks to the 7 black umbrellas that saved the day for us! They came in really handy and allowed us to venture out at the Highland Golf Club and get some great photos! Here are our favourites from the day!


Tammy & Lee – Wedding – 08.08.2009
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A very sweet couple.  Though the weather didn’t look good (surprise, surprise!), we were lucky to get a break long enough to get some amazing shots… Thanks to Tammy & Lee for letting us share your day and making us feel like one of the family.

Around the Keg on Richmond street.

This worked out cool!

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