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Kristy & Colt – Engagement Session
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Early morning engagement session with Kristy & Colt at Texas Longhorn Ranch.   We love taking photos at the Ranch!  The weather was perfect and Kristy & Colt were great to work with!  Check out our favourites from the session!

KCE_008 KCE_013 KCE_028 KCE_037 KCE_043 KCE_061 KCE_067 KCE_075 KCE_087 KCE_099 KCE_113 KCE_115 KCE_121

Dave & May – Wedding – 10/3/2015
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The fall weather is so un-predictable!!  One day it’s beautiful and the next it’s cold, windy & rainy!  Dave & May got married at The Clearing, a fantastic outdoor venue around Shedden Ontario.  Despite the very cold, winding & rainy weather, they made the best out of it and you can’t even tell how cold we all were in the photos 🙂  Congratulations guys!  Hopefully you stayed warm on your honeymooon.

DMW_014 DMW_020 DMW_050 DMW_066 DMW_082 DMW_115 DMW_134 DMW_167 DMW_196 DMW_292 DMW_296 DMW_317 DMW_330 DMW_339 DMW_347 DMW_354 DMW_359 DMW_365 DMW_379 DMW_381 DMW_391 DMW_398 DMW_403 DMW_407

Samantha & Ryan – Engagement Session
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We love being able to do photography around Calgary!  The weather and scenery is fantastic!  Samantha & Ryan were super easy to work with the Rundle Ruins provided a great backdrop!  Here are our favourites from the session!

SRE_006 SRE_017 SRE_027 SRE_054 SRE_067 SRE_078 SRE_081 SRE_102 SRE_109 SRE_120-Edit SRE_132 SRE_144 SRE_153 SRE_157

Ashley & Joel – Wedding – 07/24/2015
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Playing catch up here on the blog!  We photographed Ashley & Joel almost three weeks ago before we traveled our west for vacation/wedding.  They have patiently been waiting for us to post some photos 🙂  It was a beautiful day with a great venue and amazing people, what more can we ask for?  Here are our favourites from the day!

AJW_006 AJW_013 AJW_060 AJW_075 AJW_113 AJW_141 AJW_173 AJW_190 AJW_201 AJW_213 AJW_225 AJW_227 AJW_232 AJW_248 AJW_274 AJW_277 AJW_281 AJW_298 AJW_314 AJW_319 AJW_333 AJW_338 AJW_343 AJW_423 AJW_440 AJW_467 AJW_618 AJW_628 AJW_638 AJW_650 AJW_659 AJW_661-Edit AJW_719

Espen & Melissa – Wedding – 07/18/2015
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We had the pleasure of photographing Melissa & Espen’s wedding this past weekend, it was a hot one!  Despite the hot & humid weather we were able to capture some amazing photos of their day!  The wedding was planned beautifully by Amy at Unmistakably You, she always makes our jobs easier!

MEW_033 MEW_074 MEW_090 MEW_099 MEW_128 MEW_166 MEW_178 MEW_182 MEW_187 MEW_222-Edit MEW_227 MEW_240 MEW_244 MEW_259 MEW_268 MEW_279 MEW_280 MEW_289 MEW_291 MEW_302 MEW_318-Edit MEW_327 MEW_331 MEW_346 MEW_441 MEW_468 MEW_473 MEW_499 MEW_504

Ryan & Lindsay – Wedding – 07/11/2015
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We had an amazing day working with Ryan & Lindsay this past weekend.  Their wedding day had beautiful weather an amazing venue and great people to work with!  I hope you enjoy our favourites!

RLW_004 RLW_021 RLW_049 RLW_107 RLW_111 RLW_175 RLW_222 RLW_225 RLW_274 RLW_282 RLW_300 RLW_337 RLW_342 RLW_356 RLW_384 RLW_387 RLW_402 RLW_413 RLW_415 RLW_421 RLW_432 RLW_447 RLW_463 RLW_469 RLW_488 RLW_568 RLW_587 RLW_790 RLW_816 RLW_827-Edit RLW_835 RLW_909 RLW_941

Stephanie & Richard – Wedding – 09.15.2012
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Stephanie & Richard Wedding – Family Farm – Mapleton Line North of St. Thomas

Lauren & Andrew – Wedding – 09.08.2012
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Lauren & Andrew – Wedding – London Delta Armouries

Stephanie & Jared – 09.02.2012 Wedding
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Stephanie & Jared – 09.02.2012 – Old Courthouse, London On

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