Sprinbank Park Photos

Matt & Andrea – Wedding – 11/2/2013
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We were looking forward to Matt & Andrea’s wedding this year, we photographed her sister’s wedding last year and the whole family was so much fun! The weather didn’t look great to start the day, but we managed to catch a break from the rain and get some photos outdoors! As unpredictable as the fall can be, it sure makes for gorgeous pictures! We always love working at the London Hunt Club, and this was no exception. Enjoy our favourites from the day!

Matt & Andrea – Engagement Session
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We photographed Matt & Andrea’s engagement session this past sunday at Springbank Park in London. Andrea is from Byron & Matt is from Lambeth and they have always had an on-going debate on which one is better, well clearly if you are just going by signs, lambeth is the winner! 😉

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