London Ontario Wedding Photos

Katie & Will – Wedding – 06/25/2016
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June weddings are the best!  The weather is warm, the trees and flowers are blooming, and the nights are long!  Katie & Will were the best to work with and made it a pleasure to work with them!  The always beautiful Elmhurst Inn provided the backdrop for their amazing photos.  Take a minute and enjoy our favourites from the day.

KWW_014 KWW_023 KWW_029 KWW_073 KWW_107 KWW_147 KWW_176-Edit KWW_181 KWW_278 KWW_326 KWW_343 KWW_377 KWW_390 KWW_432 KWW_435 KWW_440 KWW_451 KWW_452 KWW_456 KWW_459 KWW_470 KWW_474 KWW_478 KWW_485 KWW_517 KWW_526 KWW_706-Edit KWW_712 KWW_717


Tiffany & Tom – Wedding – 06/18/2016
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We photographed Tiffany & Tom’s wedding this past weekend!  It was co-ordinated by Amy from Unmistakably You so we knew everything would be perfect!  The weather was amazing, the venue at Forest City National was perfect, the couple & their wedding party were great to work with, all in all it made our job easy!

TTW_099 TTW_111 TTW_143 TTW_151 TTW_185 TTW_199 TTW_222 TTW_259 TTW_311 TTW_314 TTW_335 TTW_366 TTW_409 TTW_479 TTW_508 TTW_512 TTW_530 TTW_539 TTW_555 TTW_567 TTW_570 TTW_580 TTW_582 TTW_587 TTW_593 TTW_603 TTW_646 TTW_663

Ashley & Joel – Wedding – 07/24/2015
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Playing catch up here on the blog!  We photographed Ashley & Joel almost three weeks ago before we traveled our west for vacation/wedding.  They have patiently been waiting for us to post some photos 🙂  It was a beautiful day with a great venue and amazing people, what more can we ask for?  Here are our favourites from the day!

AJW_006 AJW_013 AJW_060 AJW_075 AJW_113 AJW_141 AJW_173 AJW_190 AJW_201 AJW_213 AJW_225 AJW_227 AJW_232 AJW_248 AJW_274 AJW_277 AJW_281 AJW_298 AJW_314 AJW_319 AJW_333 AJW_338 AJW_343 AJW_423 AJW_440 AJW_467 AJW_618 AJW_628 AJW_638 AJW_650 AJW_659 AJW_661-Edit AJW_719

Shawn & Becky – Wedding – 07/04/2015
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We had the pleasure of working with Shawn & Becky this past weekend.  I first met Shawn when our bands played a show together in London a few years back, since then we have played many more shows with his band Bet Your Life.  We were honoured when they asked us to be their wedding photographer!  The weather for the day was amazing and made our job easy!  The beautiful Watson Porter Pavilion at Fanshawe Conservation area certainly helped as well!  Please enjoy or favourites.SRW_037 SRW_053 SRW_066 SRW_082 SRW_083 SRW_132 SRW_169 SRW_209 SRW_228 SRW_270 SRW_306 SRW_367-Edit SRW_388 SRW_394 SRW_395 SRW_404 SRW_423 SRW_437 SRW_449 SRW_465 SRW_482 SRW_490 SRW_495 SRW_513-Edit SRW_525 SRW_539 SRW_548 SRW_561 SRW_640 SRW_645 SRW_661 SRW_675 SRW_680 SRW_734



Lindsay & Adrian – Wedding – 06/19/2015
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Lindsay & Adrian were great to work with and Windermere Manor is always a fantastic venue!  The weather was perfect, not much more we could ask for!

LAW_008 LAW_011 LAW_023 LAW_070

LAW_095 LAW_114 LAW_121





LAW_277 LAW_324 LAW_362

LAW_486 LAW_491 LAW_503 LAW_519 LAW_524 LAW_531-Edit LAW_539 LAW_554

LAW_559 LAW_579 LAW_610


LAW_655 LAW_673 LAW_728 LAW_748

Jim & Jannine – Wedding – 10/11/2014
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We had a wonderful time sharing Jim & Jannine’s special day! It was a beautiful early spring day, could not have asked for better weather! The University of Western Ontario was the background for the creative pictures followed by the London Delta Armories, a couple of our favourite places to work. Here are our favourites from the day.

Jamie & Jeff – Wedding – 09/06/2014
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It was another amazing day at Texas Longhorn Ranch in Strathroy! Such a wonderful venue for a wedding! And Jamie & Jeff made it that much more wonderful, super great to work with! You don’t get to see a bride getting her bouquet shot very often!! Here are our favourites from the day

Marlene & Taylor – Wedding – 07/19/2014
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It was our first rainy wedding of the year, but that didn’t stop Taylor & Marlene from having a great time! We made due with the weather and got a few breaks to get some great shots! Elsie Perrin Williams Estate is a wonderful venue for amazing photos!

Ryan & Lindsay – Engagement Session
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It was a very warm day at Gibbons Park for Ryan & Lindsay’s engagement session, but they didn’t let that stop them from having a great time and from us getting some amazing photos of them 🙂

Jennifer & Jonathon – Wedding – 06/21/2014
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Jennifer & Jonathon’s wedding was amazing, it was a little warm, but that didn’t stop us from capturing some great images at Jennifer’s parents place, an old service station in Springfield and some park land in Belmont. Here are our favourites from the wedding!

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