Krista – Contest Entry #4

Hey Ange!  So here is why I think we deserve to win your photo shoot contest 🙂

My kids are my life They are my two best friends and I know that I am theirs as well (Westly tells me everyday,lol).  One of my favorite things to do is tell them stories, stories about when they lived in belly; the sound of their laughter warms my heart for days.  Westly loves to hear about how he only wanted tacos for 9 months and how he hated when daddy barbequed so he made him shower and brush his teeth before he could come talk to him!  He also claims he threw a HUGE party in there leaving one HUGE mess for Lincoln!  The simplest things make our bond that much stronger and I know that even when they get older and have more things going on in their lives then Pokémon and Super Mario, that we will still tell each other every single day just how much we mean to one another and that we will always be best friends!

Take care!



Photo submitted for contest entry

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