Jessi & Jordan – Wedding – 08/22/2015

We had a lovely farm wedding with Jessi & Jordan.  Perfect weather on a late summer day, what more could you ask for?

JJW_012 JJW_035 JJW_051 JJW_067 JJW_089 JJW_095 JJW_106 JJW_129 JJW_188 JJW_246 JJW_248 JJW_263 JJW_283 JJW_294 JJW_328 JJW_330 JJW_346 JJW_354 JJW_375 JJW_382 JJW_412 JJW_454 JJW_466 JJW_599 JJW_630 JJW_647 JJW_740 JJW_780 JJW_838

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