Dawn – Contest Entry #7

Well I Would Love to win because its been about 8 to 9 yrs because i ether have been with a bad guy or just havnt had the money to do now that i have Robert home for one more yr before he gose off to college and starts his now life this last family photo would be the last one tell i’m sure they have familys of there now So as i try not to cry knowing i will soon be all alone and all i will have is photos around the house not that im saying my boys wont come see me but it that they wont be hear everyday So winning this would make my world better knowing i would have the photos i have always wanted with me and my boys i know you know how i feel when it comes to your kids as you have 2 boys too .So i hope that i win this so i can have that one last family photos before they start there lives with out me there all the time


Photo submitted for contest entry

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