Tess – Contest Entry #10
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Like any Mom… my three boys are my life. They are all crazy little hams. And I know, as much as they complain about me always pointing a camera at them, they secretly LOVE IT!!  : D
I have pictures of them at every milestone, every school event, every cute, silly, crazy thing they do, which undoubtedly they will later curse me in embarrassment for taking. As much of a lover of photos as I am, I am rarely in the pictures. I’m love the opportunity to come out from behind the lens and be in the memory. These years go by too darn fast, before I know it they’ll be off to college or living their grown up life and I know I will crave pictures to remind me of their funny little faces.
Ok that’s it I guess….
Thanks Ang.
Karley – Contest Entry #9
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Hi Angela, my name is Karley Grantham. I would like to win the contest for my mom so she could have nice pictures of me and my wonderful big brother Cody. My daddy has said he would get pictures done by you for so long now and just keeps disappointing my mommy. She has showed me the wedding pictures you did and they are amazing. The only good picture she has of me right now is the one I’m sending you, but as you can see it was taking with her phone so it wouldn’t  print nicely for the walls. If I win this contest I would be one happy girl and I know my mommy would be too. Thanks for reading my email and hope we can meet soon

May 19th

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Karley Grantham
(3 weeks old)

Dana – Contest Entry #8
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Hey, this is my lame entry…i would love another shoot, we had such a blast…I got fat for a while and now I’m down 30lbs…would love to change up the shoot with more happiness and something very interesting.


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Dawn – Contest Entry #7
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Well I Would Love to win because its been about 8 to 9 yrs because i ether have been with a bad guy or just havnt had the money to do now that i have Robert home for one more yr before he gose off to college and starts his now life this last family photo would be the last one tell i’m sure they have familys of there now So as i try not to cry knowing i will soon be all alone and all i will have is photos around the house not that im saying my boys wont come see me but it that they wont be hear everyday So winning this would make my world better knowing i would have the photos i have always wanted with me and my boys i know you know how i feel when it comes to your kids as you have 2 boys too .So i hope that i win this so i can have that one last family photos before they start there lives with out me there all the time


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Lynnsey & David – Contest Entry #6
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We are expecting our first child in August, and would love to win this contest so we could get some maternity photos taken! You and Jeff did such a great job capturing our special day nearly 2 years ago, that I know these maternity shots would be just as amazing! Thanks for the opportunity to win!!!

Lynnsey & David Murray


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Lori – Contest Entry #5
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Hi Angela!

Well, my name is Lori and I work at First United Church.

I’m 36, widowed and mom to a 9 year old and step mom to 3 older kids 24 , 23 and 20.

I’ve actually be hoping to get some photos of Hannah (my 9 year old) and myself done cuz we don’t have anything recent of us together and since her daddy died I’ve just really wanted to capture those moments, ya know?



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Krista – Contest Entry #4
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Hey Ange!  So here is why I think we deserve to win your photo shoot contest 🙂

My kids are my life They are my two best friends and I know that I am theirs as well (Westly tells me everyday,lol).  One of my favorite things to do is tell them stories, stories about when they lived in belly; the sound of their laughter warms my heart for days.  Westly loves to hear about how he only wanted tacos for 9 months and how he hated when daddy barbequed so he made him shower and brush his teeth before he could come talk to him!  He also claims he threw a HUGE party in there leaving one HUGE mess for Lincoln!  The simplest things make our bond that much stronger and I know that even when they get older and have more things going on in their lives then Pokémon and Super Mario, that we will still tell each other every single day just how much we mean to one another and that we will always be best friends!

Take care!



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Kel Lee – Contest Entry #3
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I’m 23 and moving to London to chase down my dreams and make them a reality. I am attending Elegance beauty school to become a make-up artist. I am also a part-time employee at Lush handmade cosmetics. I love my job because it is set out to change the world and appeals to me because it offers vegan options (I’m vegan). As you know, photoshoots are a way for me to be creative and play a new role. They are usually fun and have a positive outcome for all involved. I am good at delivering a strong solid image and would love to be given the opportunity to do so with you 😀


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Kathleen & Marlon – Contest Entry #2
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I live in St Thomas with my husband and our 4 kids a few years ago after a long struggle of being a single mom. I met the greatest man I have ever laid eyes on……right from the get go we meshed we compromised we had fun and we loved….he instantly took to my 4 kids. Nov of 2010 we went and got married we were wearing jeans and a t-shirt and our runners.  We had talked about having a baby but my one obstacle was I had my tubes tied since the birth of my youngest child(she is 7) but Last Oct 2010 I finally got the chance to have the operation to have my tubes untied….he was there throughout all of it helping with kids working a fulltime job keeping house being well just awesome…..I planned on it being a long haul the whole trying to get pregnant thing and sure enough it actually didn’t take to much time at all! At the end of Jan in one of our snow storms i was driving back from dropping Marlon off at the flying j for work well the road was slick and icy and it was about 630 am I slid sideways into the ditch on the opposite side of the road was I scared and lucky that there was no one else on the road….I walked in pjs boots no socks along Highbury about 20 mins before someone stopped and drove me the rest of the way home…..the first thing I did when I got home was a pregnancy test(was going to do one that morning anyhow) and sure enough it was positive……so now more excited then mad about my demolished car i made the calls went and got the car out of the ditch with a tow trucks help…i came home and did another test and well it was positive too! I drove to whiteoaks and got a t-shirt that says “its all fun and games till somebody gets knocked up” put it in a bag and waited till I had to go pick Marlon up from work……when i pulled up he was shocked to see the front end of my car ripped off pretty much but instead of telling him the story i gave him the gift bag with the shirt…he didn’t know what to say…he was in shock disbelief excitement etc a world wind of emotions…..since then things have been good with the pregnancy minus the nausea and heartburn this is Marlons first biological child……on fri the 13th this month we found out it was a baby girl…..anyways the photo shoot id like if i were to be chosen is a maternity shoot with Marlon and I and our little miracle.

Kathleen and Marlon Chase


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Anita – Contest Entry #1
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I don’t really know why I think we deserve to win to be honest. We just love her like crazy and think she is gorgeous and am trying to look at this more or less as a celebration on what a year can bring. Last year at this time my heart was breaking for my dad, and now it feels almost completely healed. Looking forward to seeing all the other entries!!



Photo submitted for contest entry

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