August 2009

Jason & Jill – Wedding – 08.23.2009
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We photographed Jason & Jill’s wedding this past saturday, it was an outdoor ceremony and we got lucky with the weather, which was pretty rare this year!  The ceremony & pictures and reception where on the Jason’s family farm.  Very nice location! Made taking photos very easy!  Here are our favs from the day.

Marlene & Pete – Wedding – 08.21.2009
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We photographed an amazing wedding on friday in Sarnia.  The couple were so easy to work with it made our job easy!  And the locations we had to work with were incredible and the lighting!  And the Bride had the best nickname ever! “Mars”!  So here’s to Mars & Pete!

Moments after they saw each other for the first time…

I love this photo!

We got a couple of cool shots outside the church after the ceremony…

on the beach, just before sunset, we got lucky as we almost ran out of light!  The photos turned out great!

Amy & Seth – Wedding – 08.16.2009
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The final wedding of our “Triple-Header” wedding weekend!  We had another great time photographing the wedding of Amy & Seth at Elsie Perrin Williams Estate in London.   I don’t usually quote our clients, but we received this message from Amy when she first saw the pictures from the wedding:

WOW. Jeff, the pictures you’ve posted so far just made me cry. You and Ang were totally amazing, and we’re so happy with what we’ve seen so far. We just kept saying last night how perfect everything was, and how you guys seemed to be everywhere, but nowhere – you weren’t once conspicuous or in the way. You were fantastic to work with. We can’t thank you enough!!!”

It’s so awesome to hear stuff like this from our clients!  Check out our favs from their wedding.

right after the ceremony ended, I was wondering where Seth had gone, I turn around and there he was playing with the brass quartet!

the following two photos are true candid moments between the couple, I love these photos!

We then headed over to UWO for some more photos.

Kala & Chris – Wedding – 08.15.2009
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What an awesome day to take pictures of a Killer low rider… oh ya and there was a wedding too! jk, Great couple, coolest family…. and a sick truck!  Thanks guys, I had so much fun… and thanks to Kerri Evans for helping me out today.


Michelle & Joel – Wedding – 08.15.2009
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I photographed Michelle & Joel’s wedding this past saturday at Pinafore Park and the old St. Thomas Train Station.  Talk about a HEAT wave! probably the hottest day of the summer so far!  But that didn’t stop the couple from having a great time!  We had a lot of fun working with them.  Special thanks to Dave Stanic for helping me out with this wedding.


This first image was a special request from Michelle & Joel





Baby Samantha
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We couldn’t beleive this little girl.  She was made for the camera and she is only two months old.  She was mesmerized by the lens and we were mesmerized by her!

Tammy & Lee – Wedding – 08.08.2009
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A very sweet couple.  Though the weather didn’t look good (surprise, surprise!), we were lucky to get a break long enough to get some amazing shots… Thanks to Tammy & Lee for letting us share your day and making us feel like one of the family.

Around the Keg on Richmond street.

This worked out cool!

The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers
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We are so pleased to announce that we have been accepted as members of ISPWP, The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers.

Here is a quote from their website description We are a worldwide group of top professional wedding photographers who have the experience, talent, and reputation to deliver outstanding wedding photography to our clients.”

We feel very honoured to be part of this group, we encourage our past and future clients to take a minute and look at their website below:


Deb & Chris – Wedding – 08/07/2009
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We photographed Deb & Chris’ wedding last friday night.  It was a perfect night for a wedding!  A little overcast, but we love that for pictures!

We did most of the photos before the ceremony and got some great candids!  Here are our favs.

Chris the first time he sees Deb

Their moment

The ceremony

Chris’ Mom & Brother

Deb’s Dad & Sister

Deb & Chris – Engagement Session
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I photographed Deb & Chris’ Engagement session this past monday.  Deb really wanted the pictures on the family farm that she grew up on just north of London.  I think it made an great location, check out my favs, and check out their wedding pics coming up tomorrow!

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