St. Thomas Wedding Photos

Chrisy & Matt – New Years Eve Wedding!
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Had the privilege of photographing Matt & Chrisy’s big New Years Eve Wedding!  Amazing day & night, pictures turned out great!  Please enjoy my favourites from their special day.

Jenn & Drew Wedding Pondvalley Manor – 09/17/2016
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We had a great time working with Jenn & Drew!  It started out as a rainy day, but that didn’t stop them!  Later in the day as the clouds cleared and the rain stopped we were able to get some amazing late afternoon / evening light at Pondvalley Manor!  Here are our favourites from the day!

jdw_0014 jdw_0091 jdw_0131 jdw_0200 jdw_0201 jdw_0211 jdw_0248 jdw_0281 jdw_0308-edit jdw_0317 jdw_0356 jdw_0382 jdw_0413-edit jdw_0421 jdw_0473 jdw_0482 jdw_0492 jdw_0493 jdw_0526 jdw_0572 jdw_0583 jdw_0598 jdw_0608 jdw_0616 jdw_0622 jdw_0623 jdw_0653 jdw_0662 jdw_0672 jdw_0677 jdw_0842 jdw_0851 jdw_0873 jdw_0895 jdw_0898 jdw_1096

Colleen & Matt – Wedding – 06/27/2015
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It was a very wet day for Colleen & Matt’s wedding!  But that didn’t stop them from having a great time and we managed to get some amazing photos!

CMW_005 CMW_025 CMW_065 CMW_077 CMW_128 CMW_131 CMW_143 CMW_155 CMW_157 CMW_161 CMW_165 CMW_171 CMW_182 CMW_187 CMW_193 CMW_209 CMW_254 CMW_304 CMW_340 CMW_345-Edit CMW_384 CMW_409 CMW_426 CMW_524-Edit CMW_527

Madison & Darryl – Winter Wedding – 02/28/2015
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First wedding of the year!! It was a short and sweet wedding with Madison & Darryl at the CASO Station. Fabolous winter venue, it was a little brisk out, but that didn’t stop us from getting a few photos outside. Here are our favourites from the day.

Jamie & Shawn – Wedding – 07.10.2010
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We had the pleasure of photographing Jamie & Shawn’s special day this past Saturday. It was great weather, we were sort of worried that the heat wave would not break and it was going to be very hot, but the rain came on Friday and brought temperatures back to normal for the weekend.  They were a great couple to work with and we are pleased to show you our favourites from the day.


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