St. Thomas Ontario Wedding Photography

Jenn & Drew Wedding Pondvalley Manor – 09/17/2016
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We had a great time working with Jenn & Drew!  It started out as a rainy day, but that didn’t stop them!  Later in the day as the clouds cleared and the rain stopped we were able to get some amazing late afternoon / evening light at Pondvalley Manor!  Here are our favourites from the day!

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Jay & Victoria – Wedding – 08/14/2014
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Back to St. Thomas, and back to our favourite spot in town to work, the Caso Station!  Always great to work in and around a venue you know will give you great results!  And having a great couple doesn’t hurt as well!  Jay & Victoria were a pleasure to work with and we hope they enjoy the photos as much as we do!

JVW_021 JVW_042 JVW_067 JVW_097 JVW_107 JVW_162 JVW_165 JVW_175 JVW_217 JVW_282 JVW_311 JVW_334 JVW_393 JVW_427 JVW_429 JVW_442 JVW_449 JVW_455 JVW_470 JVW_472 JVW_484 JVW_487 JVW_490 JVW_493 JVW_497 JVW_499 JVW_505 JVW_509 JVW_551 JVW_562


Nicole & Anthony – Wedding – 09.29.2012
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Nicole & Anthony – Wedding – 09.29.2012 – Union United Church, St. Thomas Golf & Country Club

Lyndsey & Gordon – Wedding – 10.15.2011
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It was a cold and rainy fall day! But that didn’t stop Lyndsey & Gordon from having a great day! Neither one of them complained once about the weather, they just wanted to have fun and get some great photos! Thanks to the old family barn, which provided us some shelter from the wind and rain! We were able to get some great shots and also a few with the sun trying to peak out from behind the clouds.


Melissa & Adam – Wedding – 08.06.2011
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I think we set a record for the hottest wedding of the year on Saturday! At least it felt like it with the humidity! But that didn’t stop Melissa & Adam from celebrating their special day! They were in great spirits all day long! The ceremony & reception was at the St. Thomas Golf & Country club, and we tried out a few different spots there that we haven’t used for pictures in awhile. I think everything turned out awesome!


Karen & Campbell – Wedding – 07.30.2011
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It was a change for Karen to be in the Wedding instead of working the wedding at the St. Thomas Golf & Country Club. Karen & Campbell got married at the awesome Holy Angel’s Church downtown before moving on to the course for the reception. I am sure you will notice how relaxed everyone was to work with! It really does show in our photos. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed taking them!


Becky & Joe – Wedding 07.09.2011
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It was another steamy, hot July Wedding! I guess it’s better than rain or snow, right? There was a breeze thankfully, so we didn’t melt! Becky & Joe were great to work with and we found some cool spots we haven’t used before for pictures. It always nice to find some new places and the couple were very patient as we scouted out locations. Here are our favourites from the day, and congratulations to Becky & Joe!


Dustin & Jacklyn – Wedding – 10.16.2010
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It was beautiful fall weather for a wedding last Saturday! It sure makes our job easier when the weather works with you and not against you! Dustin & Jacklyn were great to work with and Family Flowers was a great location for photos. Congratulations guys and we hope you love these as much as we do!

Jamie & Shawn – Wedding – 07.10.2010
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We had the pleasure of photographing Jamie & Shawn’s special day this past Saturday. It was great weather, we were sort of worried that the heat wave would not break and it was going to be very hot, but the rain came on Friday and brought temperatures back to normal for the weekend.  They were a great couple to work with and we are pleased to show you our favourites from the day.


Daryl & Sandra – Wedding 10.24.2009
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I photographed a short but sweet wedding yesterday. We were worried about the weather leading up the day as it was calling for rain. The weather held out and we managed to get some great fall wedding photos! Here are my favourites.

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