Nichole & Chris – Wedding – 02/17/2018
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Lovely couple, lovely wedding at a lovely venue = Amazing photos!

Chrisy & Matt – New Years Eve Wedding!
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Had the privilege of photographing Matt & Chrisy’s big New Years Eve Wedding!  Amazing day & night, pictures turned out great!  Please enjoy my favourites from their special day.

Kristy & Coulter – Wedding – 7/2/2016
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Another amazing wedding at Texas Longhorn Ranch in Strathroy!  We always love photographing weddings at the Ranch!  This is our third one here and we always feel like part of the family!  Kristy & Colt made our jobs easy, beautiful weather certainly helped as well!  Could not have asked for a more perfect day for a wedding!  Please enjoy our favourites from their special day.

KCW_014 KCW_034 KCW_062 KCW_098 KCW_145 KCW_215 KCW_242 KCW_288 KCW_302 KCW_403 KCW_408-Edit KCW_425 KCW_443 KCW_453 KCW_458 KCW_469 KCW_482 KCW_496 KCW_499 KCW_515 KCW_567 KCW_572 KCW_574 KCW_576 KCW_768 KCW_793 KCW_809 KCW_814 KCW_860

Katie & Will – Wedding – 06/25/2016
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June weddings are the best!  The weather is warm, the trees and flowers are blooming, and the nights are long!  Katie & Will were the best to work with and made it a pleasure to work with them!  The always beautiful Elmhurst Inn provided the backdrop for their amazing photos.  Take a minute and enjoy our favourites from the day.

KWW_014 KWW_023 KWW_029 KWW_073 KWW_107 KWW_147 KWW_176-Edit KWW_181 KWW_278 KWW_326 KWW_343 KWW_377 KWW_390 KWW_432 KWW_435 KWW_440 KWW_451 KWW_452 KWW_456 KWW_459 KWW_470 KWW_474 KWW_478 KWW_485 KWW_517 KWW_526 KWW_706-Edit KWW_712 KWW_717


Lauren & Evan – Wedding – 04/30/2016
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We started off the this season working at some of our favourite venues!  Bellamere Winery & the Delta Armouries.  Add in some great spring weather and a great couple & wedding party to make our jobs look easy.  Please enjoy our favourites from the day.

LEW_009 LEW_039 LEW_041 LEW_064 LEW_077 LEW_094 LEW_098 LEW_115 LEW_188 LEW_238 LEW_264 LEW_282 LEW_403 LEW_409-Edit LEW_417 LEW_425 LEW_432 LEW_453 LEW_456 LEW_476 LEW_480 LEW_490 LEW_523 LEW_538 LEW_556-Edit LEW_569 LEW_572 LEW_583 LEW_591 LEW_640 LEW_763 LEW_777

Dave & May – Wedding – 10/3/2015
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The fall weather is so un-predictable!!  One day it’s beautiful and the next it’s cold, windy & rainy!  Dave & May got married at The Clearing, a fantastic outdoor venue around Shedden Ontario.  Despite the very cold, winding & rainy weather, they made the best out of it and you can’t even tell how cold we all were in the photos 🙂  Congratulations guys!  Hopefully you stayed warm on your honeymooon.

DMW_014 DMW_020 DMW_050 DMW_066 DMW_082 DMW_115 DMW_134 DMW_167 DMW_196 DMW_292 DMW_296 DMW_317 DMW_330 DMW_339 DMW_347 DMW_354 DMW_359 DMW_365 DMW_379 DMW_381 DMW_391 DMW_398 DMW_403 DMW_407

Carrie & Steve – Wedding – 09/26/2015
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Had a great time at Carrie & Steve’s wedding a few weeks past.  Always nice to work at Kettle Creek Golf Course, and having a great couple to work with makes our job easy!  Here are our favourites from the day.

CSW_064 CSW_087 CSW_157 CSW_214 CSW_224 CSW_268 CSW_289 CSW_322 CSW_424 CSW_426 CSW_437 CSW_442 CSW_449 CSW_458 CSW_465 CSW_480 CSW_481 CSW_495 CSW_510 CSW_534 CSW_582 CSW_594 CSW_600 CSW_604 CSW_615 CSW_670 CSW_821 CSW_857 CSW_863 CSW_894

Jessi & Jordan – Wedding – 08/22/2015
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We had a lovely farm wedding with Jessi & Jordan.  Perfect weather on a late summer day, what more could you ask for?

JJW_012 JJW_035 JJW_051 JJW_067 JJW_089 JJW_095 JJW_106 JJW_129 JJW_188 JJW_246 JJW_248 JJW_263 JJW_283 JJW_294 JJW_328 JJW_330 JJW_346 JJW_354 JJW_375 JJW_382 JJW_412 JJW_454 JJW_466 JJW_599 JJW_630 JJW_647 JJW_740 JJW_780 JJW_838

Samantha & Ryan – Wedding – 08/08/2015
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There is just something different about the Alberta sky.  It just seems a a little more blue? or clear?  We traveled to a small town in between Calgary & Edmonton for Samantha & Ryan’s wedding.  A little place around Markerville Alberta.  Lovely place, amazing weather and wonderful people!  Can’t ask for much more!  Please enjoy our favourites from the day.SRW_0059 SRW_0088 SRW_0103 SRW_0233 SRW_0255 SRW_0295 SRW_0340 SRW_0343 SRW_0350 SRW_0375 SRW_0386 SRW_0400 SRW_0406 SRW_0420 SRW_0424 SRW_0439 SRW_0470 SRW_0473 SRW_0515 SRW_0520 SRW_0548 SRW_0577 SRW_0584 SRW_0595 SRW_0601 SRW_0605 SRW_0647 SRW_0660 SRW_0758 SRW_0764 SRW_0777 SRW_0794 SRW_0803 SRW_0959 SRW_0969

Ashley & Joel – Wedding – 07/24/2015
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Playing catch up here on the blog!  We photographed Ashley & Joel almost three weeks ago before we traveled our west for vacation/wedding.  They have patiently been waiting for us to post some photos 🙂  It was a beautiful day with a great venue and amazing people, what more can we ask for?  Here are our favourites from the day!

AJW_006 AJW_013 AJW_060 AJW_075 AJW_113 AJW_141 AJW_173 AJW_190 AJW_201 AJW_213 AJW_225 AJW_227 AJW_232 AJW_248 AJW_274 AJW_277 AJW_281 AJW_298 AJW_314 AJW_319 AJW_333 AJW_338 AJW_343 AJW_423 AJW_440 AJW_467 AJW_618 AJW_628 AJW_638 AJW_650 AJW_659 AJW_661-Edit AJW_719

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