Watson Porter Pavilion

Shawn & Becky – Wedding – 07/04/2015
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We had the pleasure of working with Shawn & Becky this past weekend.  I first met Shawn when our bands played a show together in London a few years back, since then we have played many more shows with his band Bet Your Life.  We were honoured when they asked us to be their wedding photographer!  The weather for the day was amazing and made our job easy!  The beautiful Watson Porter Pavilion at Fanshawe Conservation area certainly helped as well!  Please enjoy or favourites.SRW_037 SRW_053 SRW_066 SRW_082 SRW_083 SRW_132 SRW_169 SRW_209 SRW_228 SRW_270 SRW_306 SRW_367-Edit SRW_388 SRW_394 SRW_395 SRW_404 SRW_423 SRW_437 SRW_449 SRW_465 SRW_482 SRW_490 SRW_495 SRW_513-Edit SRW_525 SRW_539 SRW_548 SRW_561 SRW_640 SRW_645 SRW_661 SRW_675 SRW_680 SRW_734



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