CASO Station St. Thomas

Chrisy & Matt – New Years Eve Wedding!
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Had the privilege of photographing Matt & Chrisy’s big New Years Eve Wedding!  Amazing day & night, pictures turned out great!  Please enjoy my favourites from their special day.

Jay & Victoria – Wedding – 08/14/2014
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Back to St. Thomas, and back to our favourite spot in town to work, the Caso Station!  Always great to work in and around a venue you know will give you great results!  And having a great couple doesn’t hurt as well!  Jay & Victoria were a pleasure to work with and we hope they enjoy the photos as much as we do!

JVW_021 JVW_042 JVW_067 JVW_097 JVW_107 JVW_162 JVW_165 JVW_175 JVW_217 JVW_282 JVW_311 JVW_334 JVW_393 JVW_427 JVW_429 JVW_442 JVW_449 JVW_455 JVW_470 JVW_472 JVW_484 JVW_487 JVW_490 JVW_493 JVW_497 JVW_499 JVW_505 JVW_509 JVW_551 JVW_562


Colleen & Matt – Wedding – 06/27/2015
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It was a very wet day for Colleen & Matt’s wedding!  But that didn’t stop them from having a great time and we managed to get some amazing photos!

CMW_005 CMW_025 CMW_065 CMW_077 CMW_128 CMW_131 CMW_143 CMW_155 CMW_157 CMW_161 CMW_165 CMW_171 CMW_182 CMW_187 CMW_193 CMW_209 CMW_254 CMW_304 CMW_340 CMW_345-Edit CMW_384 CMW_409 CMW_426 CMW_524-Edit CMW_527

Allison & Jason – Wedding – 06/20/2015
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Had a great time with Jason & Allison at their wedding in St. Thomas!  The railway museum made for excellent photos of their special day!






JAW_113 JAW_121 JAW_249 JAW_258

JAW_262 JAW_265 JAW_275


JAW_297 JAW_348 JAW_351 JAW_377


JAW_411 JAW_419 JAW_427 JAW_469

Madison & Darryl – Winter Wedding – 02/28/2015
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First wedding of the year!! It was a short and sweet wedding with Madison & Darryl at the CASO Station. Fabolous winter venue, it was a little brisk out, but that didn’t stop us from getting a few photos outside. Here are our favourites from the day.

Stephanie & Terry – Wedding – 08.24.2013
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We photographed Terry & Stephanie’s wedding this past weekend, it was our first ever ceremony at the Elgin County Railway Museum! Very unique setting for a ceremony! We followed up with pictures around the museum, waterworks park and then back at the CASO Station for the reception.

Allison & John – Wedding – 07.27.2013
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John & Allison where married this past weekend at Centre Street Baptist Church in St. Thomas, reception following at Stoneridge Inn. We did our best to avoid the rain as much as possible by stopping by CASO Station & the Railway Museum, but even a few rain drops didn’t stop John & Allison from having a great time! Here are our favourites from the day.

Jessica & Stephen – Engagement Session
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On Sunday we spent a few hours with Jess & Stephen around the CASO station, a wheat field and on old bridge on Southdale Line. Oh and their dog Miley 🙂 It was perfect weather and I hope you enjoy the favourites as much as we do!

Jessie & Jeremy – Engagement Session
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We photographed Jessie & Jeremy’s engagement session this past weekend inside & out the CASO Station in St. Thomas. It was perfect weather for an engagement session, just a tiny bit of rain, but that just adds to the dramatic sky! Hope you enjoy our favourites from the session.

Michelle & Joel – Wedding – 08.15.2009
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I photographed Michelle & Joel’s wedding this past saturday at Pinafore Park and the old St. Thomas Train Station.  Talk about a HEAT wave! probably the hottest day of the summer so far!  But that didn’t stop the couple from having a great time!  We had a lot of fun working with them.  Special thanks to Dave Stanic for helping me out with this wedding.


This first image was a special request from Michelle & Joel





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