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Samantha & Ryan – Wedding – 08/08/2015
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There is just something different about the Alberta sky.  It just seems a a little more blue? or clear?  We traveled to a small town in between Calgary & Edmonton for Samantha & Ryan’s wedding.  A little place around Markerville Alberta.  Lovely place, amazing weather and wonderful people!  Can’t ask for much more!  Please enjoy our favourites from the day.SRW_0059 SRW_0088 SRW_0103 SRW_0233 SRW_0255 SRW_0295 SRW_0340 SRW_0343 SRW_0350 SRW_0375 SRW_0386 SRW_0400 SRW_0406 SRW_0420 SRW_0424 SRW_0439 SRW_0470 SRW_0473 SRW_0515 SRW_0520 SRW_0548 SRW_0577 SRW_0584 SRW_0595 SRW_0601 SRW_0605 SRW_0647 SRW_0660 SRW_0758 SRW_0764 SRW_0777 SRW_0794 SRW_0803 SRW_0959 SRW_0969

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