Carrie & Steve – Wedding – 09/26/2015

Had a great time at Carrie & Steve’s wedding a few weeks past.  Always nice to work at Kettle Creek Golf Course, and having a great couple to work with makes our job easy!  Here are our favourites from the day.

CSW_064 CSW_087 CSW_157 CSW_214 CSW_224 CSW_268 CSW_289 CSW_322 CSW_424 CSW_426 CSW_437 CSW_442 CSW_449 CSW_458 CSW_465 CSW_480 CSW_481 CSW_495 CSW_510 CSW_534 CSW_582 CSW_594 CSW_600 CSW_604 CSW_615 CSW_670 CSW_821 CSW_857 CSW_863 CSW_894

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