October 2015

Kristy & Colt – Engagement Session
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Early morning engagement session with Kristy & Colt at Texas Longhorn Ranch.   We love taking photos at the Ranch!  The weather was perfect and Kristy & Colt were great to work with!  Check out our favourites from the session!

KCE_008 KCE_013 KCE_028 KCE_037 KCE_043 KCE_061 KCE_067 KCE_075 KCE_087 KCE_099 KCE_113 KCE_115 KCE_121

Dave & May – Wedding – 10/3/2015
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The fall weather is so un-predictable!!  One day it’s beautiful and the next it’s cold, windy & rainy!  Dave & May got married at The Clearing, a fantastic outdoor venue around Shedden Ontario.  Despite the very cold, winding & rainy weather, they made the best out of it and you can’t even tell how cold we all were in the photos 🙂  Congratulations guys!  Hopefully you stayed warm on your honeymooon.

DMW_014 DMW_020 DMW_050 DMW_066 DMW_082 DMW_115 DMW_134 DMW_167 DMW_196 DMW_292 DMW_296 DMW_317 DMW_330 DMW_339 DMW_347 DMW_354 DMW_359 DMW_365 DMW_379 DMW_381 DMW_391 DMW_398 DMW_403 DMW_407

Katie & Will – Engagement Session
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Had a great time on the family farm with Katie & Will.  I think it’s the first time I ever did a session where we were followed around by cats! They were super cute so I didn’t mind 🙂  It was a beautiful fall day and Katie & Will were great to work with!

KWE_002 KWE_017 KWE_024 KWE_033 KWE_040 KWE_053 KWE_058 KWE_077 KWE_081 KWE_091-Edit KWE_111 KWE_113 KWE_121 KWE_135 KWE_149

Carrie & Steve – Wedding – 09/26/2015
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Had a great time at Carrie & Steve’s wedding a few weeks past.  Always nice to work at Kettle Creek Golf Course, and having a great couple to work with makes our job easy!  Here are our favourites from the day.

CSW_064 CSW_087 CSW_157 CSW_214 CSW_224 CSW_268 CSW_289 CSW_322 CSW_424 CSW_426 CSW_437 CSW_442 CSW_449 CSW_458 CSW_465 CSW_480 CSW_481 CSW_495 CSW_510 CSW_534 CSW_582 CSW_594 CSW_600 CSW_604 CSW_615 CSW_670 CSW_821 CSW_857 CSW_863 CSW_894

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