July 2015

Espen & Melissa – Wedding – 07/18/2015
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We had the pleasure of photographing Melissa & Espen’s wedding this past weekend, it was a hot one!  Despite the hot & humid weather we were able to capture some amazing photos of their day!  The wedding was planned beautifully by Amy at Unmistakably You, she always makes our jobs easier!

MEW_033 MEW_074 MEW_090 MEW_099 MEW_128 MEW_166 MEW_178 MEW_182 MEW_187 MEW_222-Edit MEW_227 MEW_240 MEW_244 MEW_259 MEW_268 MEW_279 MEW_280 MEW_289 MEW_291 MEW_302 MEW_318-Edit MEW_327 MEW_331 MEW_346 MEW_441 MEW_468 MEW_473 MEW_499 MEW_504

Carrie & Steve Engagement Session
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After postponing twice because of rain, we finally managed to photograph Carrie & Steve!  And sure enough just as we were finishing up the session it started to rain 🙂  But that didn’t stop us from getting some great photos!

CSE_014 CSE_023 CSE_031 CSE_056 CSE_069 CSE_075 CSE_102 CSE_125 CSE_141 CSE_147

Ryan & Lindsay – Wedding – 07/11/2015
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We had an amazing day working with Ryan & Lindsay this past weekend.  Their wedding day had beautiful weather an amazing venue and great people to work with!  I hope you enjoy our favourites!

RLW_004 RLW_021 RLW_049 RLW_107 RLW_111 RLW_175 RLW_222 RLW_225 RLW_274 RLW_282 RLW_300 RLW_337 RLW_342 RLW_356 RLW_384 RLW_387 RLW_402 RLW_413 RLW_415 RLW_421 RLW_432 RLW_447 RLW_463 RLW_469 RLW_488 RLW_568 RLW_587 RLW_790 RLW_816 RLW_827-Edit RLW_835 RLW_909 RLW_941

Shawn & Becky – Wedding – 07/04/2015
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We had the pleasure of working with Shawn & Becky this past weekend.  I first met Shawn when our bands played a show together in London a few years back, since then we have played many more shows with his band Bet Your Life.  We were honoured when they asked us to be their wedding photographer!  The weather for the day was amazing and made our job easy!  The beautiful Watson Porter Pavilion at Fanshawe Conservation area certainly helped as well!  Please enjoy or favourites.SRW_037 SRW_053 SRW_066 SRW_082 SRW_083 SRW_132 SRW_169 SRW_209 SRW_228 SRW_270 SRW_306 SRW_367-Edit SRW_388 SRW_394 SRW_395 SRW_404 SRW_423 SRW_437 SRW_449 SRW_465 SRW_482 SRW_490 SRW_495 SRW_513-Edit SRW_525 SRW_539 SRW_548 SRW_561 SRW_640 SRW_645 SRW_661 SRW_675 SRW_680 SRW_734



Colleen & Matt – Wedding – 06/27/2015
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It was a very wet day for Colleen & Matt’s wedding!  But that didn’t stop them from having a great time and we managed to get some amazing photos!

CMW_005 CMW_025 CMW_065 CMW_077 CMW_128 CMW_131 CMW_143 CMW_155 CMW_157 CMW_161 CMW_165 CMW_171 CMW_182 CMW_187 CMW_193 CMW_209 CMW_254 CMW_304 CMW_340 CMW_345-Edit CMW_384 CMW_409 CMW_426 CMW_524-Edit CMW_527

Lindsay & Adrian – Wedding – 06/19/2015
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Lindsay & Adrian were great to work with and Windermere Manor is always a fantastic venue!  The weather was perfect, not much more we could ask for!

LAW_008 LAW_011 LAW_023 LAW_070

LAW_095 LAW_114 LAW_121





LAW_277 LAW_324 LAW_362

LAW_486 LAW_491 LAW_503 LAW_519 LAW_524 LAW_531-Edit LAW_539 LAW_554

LAW_559 LAW_579 LAW_610


LAW_655 LAW_673 LAW_728 LAW_748

Allison & Jason – Wedding – 06/20/2015
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Had a great time with Jason & Allison at their wedding in St. Thomas!  The railway museum made for excellent photos of their special day!






JAW_113 JAW_121 JAW_249 JAW_258

JAW_262 JAW_265 JAW_275


JAW_297 JAW_348 JAW_351 JAW_377


JAW_411 JAW_419 JAW_427 JAW_469

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