September 2010

Elgin St. Thomas Public Health
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I know this isn’t what you are used to seeing on our blog, but it’s a good reminder to anyone out there that we also do commercial photography. This is a group photo for the Elgin St. Thomas Public Health Unit.

Katie & Rob – Wedding – 09.25.2010
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We had another amazing overcast day to work with last weekend! However the cold wind and hint of rain made it for a short outdoor session. Thankfully we had the Delta Armouries to fall back on for some great indoor photos! Rob & Kate where great to work with and made our job super easy. Here are our favourites from the day, I hope you enjoy them!


Lori & Lakota – Engagement Session
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I photographed Lori & Lakota’s engagement session last sunday at the Rose Gardens at Springbank Park in London. I really need to read my emails better, they suggested we meet in the parking lot on Wonderland Rd. After waiting for about 20 mins, I re-read the email and realized I was parked in the parking lot on Springbank! Oh well, we found each other and got some amazing photographs! Here are my favourites.

Danielle & Kevin – Wedding – 09.18.2010
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We were honoured to be able to photograph Kevin & Danielle’s wedding last Saturday in Chatham. Danielle is a long time co-worker and friend of Jeff’s, and booking us was the first thing she did after she got engaged! The weather didn’t start out great when we first got there, but it cleared up enough for us to get some great photos! I hope these images relay how much fun the wedding party had throughout the day.

Mike & Jasmine – Wedding – 09.11.2010
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It was another great day for a wedding last weekend, overcast skies with just a small chance of rain later in the day. Perfect for pictures! Mike & Jasmine where a great couple to work with and Victoria Park and the Delta Armories made for some amazing photos of the day. Here are our favourites from the day.


Laura & Matt – Engagement Session
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Had the pleasure of photographing Laura & Matt’s engagement last Friday night at the old family farm that as a child she spent a lot of time at. It was definately cool working around the old barn and the sunset “magic” hour of light was great to work with! Here are my favourites from the session, we are looking forward to working with Laura & Matt in the near future when we get to document their special day!

Brian & Jena – Wedding – 09.05.2010
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What a great way to celebrate a wedding! Brian & Jena had their own island booked in Georgian Bay for their family and friends. Somerset Island ( was host to their special day and it was breathtaking!

I admit to being a little stressed on the drive up that morning, the weather wasn’t looking good, I wasn’t entirely sure how long it would take to get to the marina and we almost ran out of gas! (Thankfully the marina had a Marine gas pump that we were able to use! 🙂 ) But once we got on the boat to the island all our stress melted away, it was beautiful!

Once we arrived on the island we were immediately greeted by Brian and made to feel like guests for the day. It was very laid back and made our jobs very easy! We were able to capture some great photos, thanks to the awesome scenery and subjects. We had a great time and hope you love the images as much as we do!

First I want to give you an idea of where the island it, it is about a 20-30 minute boat ride from shore, I must admit to being amazed on the boat ride back at 10:30 at night, it was pitch black out, I can’t remember seeing stars in the sky like that before in my life, I wish I could have taken a picture of them, but it wouldn’t have done it justice.

Here is a map of the location of the island:

View Larger Map

I wanted to also include this picture, this was on the boat ride to the island, this is where Ang said to me ” I love my job! ” I admit, this is pretty cool thing we do 🙂


Anyways, enough of my ramblings, on to the images from the wedding!

These are my favourites!  I caught a glimpse of Brian joking about this pose earlier and had to recreate it, it reminds me of the cover to National Lampoon’s Vacation !


Of course we had to switch it around!

Does it get any better than these sunset pictures?

Callie and Andrew – Wedding 09.04.2010
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At first we were worried about the weather. They were calling for rain. There was a heavy overcast and the sun was fighting to come out. Perfect weather for a wedding! It was so much fun to play on the Smith Farm. Everyone was great to work with. Callie and Andrew(aka Mur) were picture perfect. Callie’s Dad brought out his mean red CUDA! What a tough looking car. Thanks you guys for having so much fun with us. Here are our favorites from the day.



Leah & Mike – Wedding – 08.28.2010
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Leah & Mike along with their wedding party were great to work with! We couldn’t have got a better day to have an outdoor wedding at Bellamere Winery in London. We took advantage of the great couple and the awesome weather to get some memorable images. Take a look at our favourites from the day below.


Darrell and Mallory
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What a fun couple Darrell and Mallory are. We hit it off with them right from the start. We really love when our clients get into our shoots. They even brought some props. Two hours flew by so quick. We only thought we were there for hour. Darrel and Mallory are very earthy type people so it was very fitting that we take them to the park. We are looking forward to seeing them again on their special day. Congratulation you guys. Here are our favorites from the day.

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