May 2009

Sarah & Kyle – Engagement Session
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This was a S.S.S (short and sweet shoot). The couple has this artistic look to them that make it real easy to shoot. I had a lot of fun:)

– Ang

Jocelyn & Todd – Wedding – 05.23.2009
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Ang & I Photographed Jocelyn & Todd’s wedding yesterday, it was a great day for a wedding! Perfect late spring day!  We got some amazing photos as the couple was actually willing to go to a mini junkyard for some photos! I don’t think many brides would have been up for walking through the knee high weeds there!  Anyways, here are our favs from the day.

Baby Dietz
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Ang photographed Laurie & Bill’s first child yesterday, little baby Anna Dietz.  Amazing photos! Check them out!

My New Band’s First Gig
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I’ve been jamming with these guys since early March this year, we had our first “gig” monday night at Norma Jeans in London.  It went awesome!  It was awesome to be on stage again!

Here are a few pics Dave Stanic took of us playing and also a video of one of our songs… I know the video quality isn’t very great, but you get the idea 🙂

Paulo and Giannina – Wedding – 05.16.2009
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ng photographed Paul & Giannina’s wedding on saturday, despite the weather, she was able to get some great shots!  Special thanks to Kerri Evans for helping Ang out.  Here are her favs from the wedding.

Michelle & Joel – Engagement Session
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I photographed Michelle & Joel’s engagement session on sunday.  I was warned before we started the session that they were the worst people for having their picture taken and asked me if I’d seen that episode of friends were Chandler has a horrible smile everytime he has to have his picture taken.  I think they were being hard on themselves! They did awesome!  Here are my favs

Lyndsay & Jon – Wedding – 05.16.2009
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We photographed Lyndsay & Jon’s wedding on saturday.  It started out really wet and we had little hope that things were going to clear up, but they did and we managed to get some excellent photos at Firerock Golf & Country Club.  Special thanks to Dave Stanic for being my second shooter on saturday!  Great Job!

Here are my favs from the wedding.

Amazing weather and photos at Firerock

Giannina and Paul – Engagement Session
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I photographed Giannina and Paul’s Engagement session last saturday night.  It was pretty bad weather throughout the day, so we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to do the session.  With their wedding coming up this weekend, it would have been tight to reschedule!  Thankfully we made out alright with the weather and we got some great photos!

Hope you enjoy them!


Jocelyn & Todd – Engagement Session
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We had the pleasure of photographing Jocelyn & Todd’s engagement session yesterday.  It was a great session! I finally got to use these cool pink flowering trees, not sure what they are called though! lol… Anyways, here are some of our favs…

Paul & Leea – Wedding – 05.01.2009
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We had the pleasure of be a part of Leea and Paul wedding on Friday. It was a wonderful day to remember. We captured great moments and are very pleased with our out come. Here are a few of our favorites from the day. Congrats Leea and Paul and thank for having us:)

– Ang

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