January 2009

Jamming with Krank’d
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I’ve recently got back into playing guitar after years of not really touching it.  It’s been great! I also recently ran into the singer from a band I used to play in.  Rodney plays in a group called Krank’d now, they play around the St. Thomas area.  They have open jam sessions about every two months on saturday afternoons.  I’ve been going up there for the last couple of sessions and having a blast!  Ang took some pictures and a short video last saturday of me jamming with the boys from Krank’d.  Just thought I’d share with you guys…. Rock On!

And here is a short video of us playing “Basketcase” by Green Day

Bond Sisters
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I am shooting Lindsay’s wedding later this year, her sister Kathleen contacted me about doing a photoshoot for her parents 50th birthdays.  They wanted me to get some nice portraits of the two of them, and also some with their boyfriends and various groupings.   The original plan was to try and take some out near the old barn, but the weather today was not co-operating! It was about -15 C today, and WINDY! probably made it feel more like -25 or -30!  It was brutal!   We did venture outside at first to see what we could get, we managed to get some pretty good shots before it was just too cold to continue!  I then made due with some tight quarters in the house, but I think the photos turned out pretty awesome!  Here are my favs from the session.

Lindsay & Kathleen

All Four of them

Kathleen & Jordan

Lindsay & Wayne

After about 10 minutes of these we ventured inside, it was just too cold & windy to continue!

Even the family dog wanted in on the action! lol

a few more

Best Christmas Present!
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I just had to share this with everyone!  The best christmas gift ever!! Ang got me a Gibson Les Paul Standard electric guitar.  Something I have always wanted!  Thank you so much!  here is a little collage of some pics I took of it.  Beautiful finish on the guitar, it’s called Honeyburst Faded.

Christmas 2008
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What a crazy two days! December 24th and 25th we celebrated Christmas three times!  It was hard getting all the good pictures from both days into the collage, but I tried the best I could! Enjoy!

Andrew & Will
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Ang also photographed our nephew’s Will & Andrew in the studio for my sister.  The pics turned out awesome, here are my favs.

Handsome Will

Baby Andrew

Josy & Sarah
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Ang photographed Josy & Sarah just before christmas, she used the space in the studio great!  Just wanted to share some of her great photos here for everyone to see.

With mom!

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