December 2008

I’m on TV!
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I’m famous! well not really, lol… but I did do an interview on Rogers TV on tuesday.  On their Daytime TV program.  I was a little nervous, especially when I heard they were broadcasting live!!  I think I did pretty good though, check it out!

Misty & Madison
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I did a small photoshoot in the studio this past weekend, I thought I would blog the photos as they turned out great!  Madison was a natural in front of the camera!  She loved the camera by the end of the session.  Here are my favs

Madison really liked Ang! 🙂

Happy Holidays!
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Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Holidays!  Here is our christmas family portrait we did, we decided to have a little fun with it, and I think it turned out great!

Kevin & Janice – Elopement -12/06/2008
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We received a call last week wondering if we were free to photograph an elopement!  Never gotten called to cover one of those before.  As we were getting ready that morning, the snow and wind kicked it up a notch or two, and they had planned to have the ceremony outside! As we drove there (slowly) we wondered how this would all turn out.  Once we got there we determined along with the couple that we could do the ceremony on the front porch and still be able to get some great shots.  I think it worked out great! Here are my favs

a few shots before the ceremony

The ceremony performed by Kettle Creek Wedding’s Wayne Prevett

After the ceremony we braved the snow and wind and got a few shots

Cannacord Executive Portraits
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I photographed some executive portraits yesterday at Cannacord in London.  I’m really hoping to get some more of this type of work in the future, if you need some work done or know someone that does, please contact us.

Here are my favs from the session.

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